Software Features

AI Programming Assistant

Create an amazing light show in minutes, specify where you want the lights to point, which fixture to use and let Disco create amazing looks in seconds. Click image to to see our how to video and get started today.

Trigger from DJ Controller Beat Detect

Once your looks are created, trigger looks and make them move to the tempo of live music via our DJ trigger and Beat Detect. Check out the details here.

Powerful Built In FX

From Creating Complex color chases, to amazing Light Movements and Channel chases Disco has it all built in

'Mix' Your Light Show

Disco Uses a approach where you can build separate parts of the lighting looks like movement, chases, colors, and other parameters and mix them to achieve an unlimited number of combinations.

Quick Custom Fixture Builder

No need to stress if you need to patch a custom Fixture, we have the easiest fixture builder in the industry

MIDI Input and Keyboard Shortcuts

Trigger Looks or faders with most MIDI controllers. Keyboard shortcuts can also be assigned for quick access to any programmed looks.

WEB Remote

Allow any mobile or desktop device to trigger  looks for our web based remote. This allows users to trigger looks from anywhere with a mobile or desktop device connected to the same network. Walk around your venue while you control your light show.

Timeline Light Shows

Create TimeLine Based Shows for intros etc.. Check out our quick how to video

Fog/Haze/Strobe/Beat Detect

Get control of crucial functions like Strobe, Fog/Haze, And Sound Activation, All built in


Direct Virtual Fader Programming

Get as much granular control of dmx channels with out direct virtual fader screen

Fixture View and 3D

Lay out fixture as they are on stage for quick and easy fixture selection. Multiple views are also available to separate Ambient and other fixtures in views. Use our 3d viewer to pre program with the ability to view colors, gobos and beam positions

28 Universes Unlocked (when using mega dongle)

When Using our Mega Dongle to unlock Disco, get up to 28 Universes of Output

Video Help

AI Programmer assistant

DJ Trigger

Create Timeline Show

Getting Started

FAQ ( frequently asked questions)

Minimum Requirements for 1 Universe Output:

  • Windows PC running Windows 11, 10, or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit OS) 
  • 2GHZ intel CPU Celeron or above
  • Video resolution of at least 1024 x 768
  • USB port for USB connection
  • 4Gig of Ram and 100MB of Hard drive Space

Optimum Requirements with Multiple Universe Output and 3D/Video Out:

  • Windows PC running Windows 11, 10, or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit OS) 
  • 3GHZ intel CPU Celeron or above
  • Video resolution of at least 1920 x 1080
  • USB port for USB connection
  • 8Gig of Ram and 100MB of Hard drive Space
  • Video Card with OpenGL and DirectX Support
  • Touch Screen (19″ or larger recommended)

DISCO is designed to only work with our DISCO DMX to USB interface. The demo version is fully functional but will not output DMX unless the DISCO DMX to USB interface is connected to the computers USB port.

DISCO is designed to control any manufacturers fixtures as long as they are compliant to the DMX-512 Standard. The DISCO DMX to USB interface has both a 5 pin DMX connector and 3 pin Dmx connector.

Check to make sure you are using the correct Fixture mode and all fixtures are addressed properly. If the mode is correct check the fixture profile, using the Fixture editor. Please report any problems with profiles to us.

When Using the MEGA Dongle it Unlocks 28 universes of DMX output. This output can be accessed using any Artnet or sACN node. (purchased separately)  The DISCO usb to dmx interface has hardware output of 1 universe EITHER 3pin or 5pin XLR

DISCO has a easy to use 3D Visualizer that will allow you to pre-program shows, and visualize light beams, gobos, and colors in a 3D room.

Your USB interface firmware needs to be updated, We can send you instructions or you can send the unit it in and we will upgrade firmware at no additional charge (shipping not included)