Mega Console

Software Features

MEGA Console Includes These Three Platforms

Click on each Platform Logo to learn more about each systems capabilities

DJ, Venue, and Nightclub
Simplified Stage Lighting Control
Pro Production and Theater

Hardware Features

Road Worthy BEST Value

Fully Integrated console with 21″ touch screen the gives you the hands on control you need. Road case sold separately

11 Enocders

8 configurable encoders per palette for easy control of any channel traits. Tap to release in Playback mode, FX or chase speed in playback mode.

11 encoders for controlling lighting fixture traits based on pallette type.
high priority playback faders

8 Assignable High priority faders

Faders 9-16 are assigned as high priority , place spotlight looks etc on these faders for quick access when needed

16 assignable stack cues

assign stack cues for example strobes, fx and other cue types from the 16 assignable additive quick trigger cues per page. These also serve as shortcut buttons to palette trait in programming mode

16 lighting executor cherry buttons
Trackball on the Mega Console

Built in Industrial Trackball

Field Serviceable

Experience techs can easily perform minor repairs because of our easy to service design

In Field service of lighting console
5 pin and 3 pin xlr DMX output on rear of Lighting console

Easy Access Rear Connections

With our slanted rear connection design hookup process is made much easier. 4 DMX outputs on the back of unit has both 3pin XLR and 5pin XLR. Unit also has XLR audio in and out, HDMI out for second monitor of HD Video playback, Extra USB ports, and Artnet and ACN output.


MEGA Console Console Overview