MEGA Dongle

Software Features

MEGA Dongle Includes These Three Platforms

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DJ, Venue, and Nightclub
Simplified Stage Lighting Control
Pro Production and Theater

Software Features Lumen8

Lumen8 Production Mode

Production Mode

Designed to shine when running live show both in Busking or live programming and multi cue list mixing.

Theater Mode

2 Cue view allows you to run more efficiently in a theater environment. Our cue list preview shows what fixtures are active in current and next cue. Adjust Fade in and out times easily during show. Split fade times also available. Enter cue name and notes for quick reference when running show

Lumen8 Theater Mode

Fixture Morphing and Cloning

Modify your light show quickly when adding or removing fixtures. Replace even different type fixtures with ease, clone dis-similar fixtures as lumen8 matches traits automatically.

Live Busking and programming Undo

Our unique busking approach keeps track of the changes you make and allows you several levels of unordered selective undo.

Touch Friendly Design

All operations and menu items are 100% touch screen friendly. Software workflow and interactions designed to work with touchscreen interface.

Direct Virtual Faders

granular fader programming available directly control any DMX channel

Fixture View and 3D

Lay out fixture as they are on stage for quick and easy fixture selection (‘Magic Sheets’). Multiple views are also available to separate house lighting and other fixtures in views. Use our 3d viewer to pre program with the ability to view colors, gobos and beam positions

28 Universes Unlocked

With our Mega Dongle USB to DMX Interface you unlock up to 28 universes on DMX output via 3 or 5 pin xlr, ArtNet, sACN, and Secure sACN.

Fixture builder

the easiest fixture builder in the industry, need a quick obscure profile, create it in minutes

Palettes / Dual Screen

Program using palettes, Customize Dual screen Layout, Adaptive Live Programming and Playback Views.

Dual screen Lighting Console view for Lumen8
32 quick stak cues

Priority faders / Stack Cues

Faders 9-16 are assigned as high priority , place spotlight looks etc on these faders for quick access when needed. Run Stack Cues like strobes, fx and other cue types from the 32 assignable additive quick trigger cues

Customizable Encoders

Customize which trait each encoder will adjust per palette mode

Customizable encoder trait assignment
Group sub master type option, dimmer, speed, size, and manual crossfade

CueList / Group faders

Each cue is represented as a button and has a graphic giving quick details of what the cue contains. Group faders of each cue list can act as dimmer, cross fade, speed, or size

LED Matrix

Make any segment of any led in all fixtures patch and map to Virtual Matrix. Transpose images, gifs, and video to the Virtual matrix.

Lumen8 real time fx, rgb fx, movement fx.

Extensive FX Engine

Run fx on any channel type,  fx Mirror based on selection. Quick access one press common fx like dimmer, color, zoom etc. RGB and Movement FX 

Theater Friendly Features

  • Tracking and non-Tracking. Track your values through or not, also inclused a unique pan&tilt tracking to only track moving fixture positions, keeps them
    where you last left of to minimize fixture movement when not needed
  • Blind Programming.
    Program a scene without outputting, use 3d viewer
  • Mark Cues. Built in quick macros to automatically create mark and fade cues
  • Import USITT Show Files. Will Import patch and some cue data from USITT show files exported from other lighting consoles

Video Help

Patch Fixtures

Creating Cues


FAQ ( frequently asked questions)

Lumen8 is designed to only work with our MegaDongle DMX to USB interface. The demo version is fully functional but will not output DMX unless the MegaDongle DMX to USB interface is connected to the computers USB port.

Lumen8 is designed to control any manufacturers fixtures as long as they are compliant to the DMX-512 Standard. The MegaDongle DMX to USB interface has both a 5 pin DMX connector and 3 pin Dmx connector.

Check to make sure you are using the correct Fixture mode and all fixtures are addressed properly. If the mode is correct check the fixture profile, using the Fixture editor. Please report any problems with profiles to us.

Our MegaDongle USB to DMX interface Unlocks 28 universes of DMX output. This output can be accessed using any Artnet or sACN node. (purchased separately)  The usb to dmx interface has hardware output of 1 universe EITHER 3pin or 5pin XLR

Lumen8 has a simple 3D Visualizer included. The Visualizer  will allow you to pre-program shows, and visualize light beams, gobos, and colors in a 3D room